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The Formulator

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Welcome to The Formulator!

Formulate your own 2oz (55gr) Custom Micro-Batch

Create High-Technology Cosmeceuticals or Economical Emollients

If you have a special formula in mind, something that you feel you must try but you do not have the technical knowledge to complete it independently and you cannot effort a large custom batch made especially for you by a custom manufacturing company, we have your answer. You can select a formulation base and add ingredients to it from the extensive list we provide. Because you choose the ingredients, you control the cost of your retail-size product. Once you come up with a combination of ingredients, we will put them together and send you a finished jar or bottle with your name and your ingredients list on it.

Using The Formulator is a multi-step process.

    1. Select a formulation base.
      Formulation bases are grouped under their recommended use (cosmeceutical formulations for face or scalp care; simple emollients for body care).

    2. If you selected a cosmeceutical formulation base, you must also select one base oil.

    3. Add optional ingredients.
      The description of each formulation base explains how many ingredients can be added.

    4. See the total cost of your selections, and make final adjustments as necessary.

    5. Checkout!

You are always welcome to contact us with questions about The Formulator. Your questions may have already been answered; you are welcome to visit our forum or click on Cosmo Cosmeceutical (smiling and waving, above and at the top of every page) to visit our FORMULATION HELP page.

To begin using The Formulator, click the "begin CUSTOM FORMULATION" button below:

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